Another big storm is bearing down on us. Some of you may remember the (rain and wind) storm we in Maine had at the end of October that knocked out power—and more importantly as far as the blog goes, our internet access— for over a week. Well, it’s now two days before posting of my blog and the snow has already accumulated a few inches since 7am with a 12 inch total and potential wind gusts of 50mph predicted. We’re thinking about the trees and branches that are still (since October) precariously leaning over power lines up and down our one-road town and preparing for another bout of power and internet loss.

If I actually had the blog ready to go, well, we might send it now. However, that’s not the case. So… in the event we are unable to get the usual weekly blog out, I thought I’d drop you a note right now, today, which you can flag and save for Saturday morning (or whenever you’d usually get it) if you want, to peruse in your jammies with a cuppa in hand.

Tom has pulled together some of our recent wintertime photos below to share with you and plans to take a video of my snow-day commute to my studio, where I’ll get back to writing Saturday’s post. We figure that the preparation we take toward losing power, will actually be like insurance. Whenever we fill up the gas tanks for the generator, or now that I’m sending out this blog note, it’ll insure that we coast through the storm easy-peasy. Meaning, more than likely, you will get your regular blog post from me on Saturday.

Now, time to bundle up for the 30 feet to my studio and to get back to work. Happy New Year! And Happy Snow Day from Maine!

Ice coats every twig along Lookout Point Road after freezing rain last week.
The family of flamingoes outside my studio are wondering why the heck they stuck around instead of wintering in Florida.
At Lookout Point (where my Harpswell, Maine retreats are held) the cove has frozen over.
The islands, George and Joe, at Lookout Point are squeezed in the grip of saltwater ice.
Shortly after this photo the bay froze over all the way to the distant islands.
Walking the dogs with Tom today before the serious snow began. Still not a day to linger and take in the view.

Below is my “commute” to work: thirty feet from the house to the studio.


  • Aiiiieee! I really can’t even imagine what this must be like. It’s tempting (from my Southern vantage point) to marvel at the rugged and awesome beauty and overlook the difficulties that are a part of it. Thanks for the update, and we’ll hope for no power loss for you again. Loved the little hungry bird twittering on the porch of the studio–hoping you would make your way out there.

    • Yes, the birds are appreciating the food—they’ve been out all day in the snow and wind!! The drifts are now over the top of my knee-high boots…. Still working on the blog though!

  • Hoping for the best for you. We are still trying to recover from Irma. Freezing temps tonight here in Florida. Love that generator don’t you?!!

  • It’s pretty until you need to go outside!!!! We haven’t had snow, but temps below zero at night for over a week now. St Louis is known for the weather being in constant change, but not this week! Stay warm, Susan!

  • Hi Susan,
    Beautiful to “see” pictures from home (Harpswell), but have to say I am happy we are in sunny Sarasota!
    We do know how it is there without power, but sounds like you have prepared well. Be safe and warm.

  • Oh my… looks very very very cold there! We’re having a bit of a cold snap here in Virginia, but thankfully, very little snow! Keep warm and take care!

  • Thank you for the pics! I’m in California where it’s been too dry… they did an official measurement of the snow pack in the Sierras and it was like 2% of normal. Hoping you don’t lose your power.

  • Hello Susan,
    I don’t know you (but I wish that I did) .
    I enjoy your weekly news and this last one is a jaw dropper, we live 50 kilomètres from Geneva and for the first time in years we have had a heavy downfall,the snow ploughs have kept the roads free though.
    Your area is very beautiful, and looks a lot like here in the Jura mountain range, but you seem to have severe conditions at the moment. I wish you a very Happy New Year and the best of health to be able to enjoy life doing what you do so well.
    Sandra Tavel……….(.of Welsh origines)

  • Gorgeous photos! I’m glad I’m sitting here in front of my fireplaces looking at them, though. By the way, when you said your hubby was going to film your 30 feet walk to the studio I thought we would see you trudging over there! lol

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