This black and white line drawing gives you a starting point for your own work based on my original design. It is meant to be used in conjunction with my book, Serendipity Quilts, or by those who are familiar with my fabric collage process. No instructions are included.

It is suggested that this pattern be enlarged either at a copyshop or by “tiling” through your printer. Suggested enlargement is 200 percent for 18 x 24 paper, though even larger is desirable. Pattern does not include background or border design. No fabric or other supplies are included.

All patterns copyright Susan Carlson. It is illegal to reproduce this material, regardless of profit or nonprofit status. The buyer may copy or reproduce the pattern for her or his own individual use. It is not to be reproduced for any purpose such as class handouts or patterns. The resulting artwork de- rived from this design is also for personal use only, not for works to be sold. If entered in art or quilt shows, a note should be added as to design source.


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