Change is inevitable—and it ain’t easy. When my old website started malfunctioning, and when more and more people started accessing the internet through mobile devices, on which to view my site you needed a microscope, I knew it was time for an update.

Fortunately, I have an in-house web guy. Unfortunately, the technology has changed—a lot—since we last created a website. So when you received an extra blog post (or two) (okay, three) this past Saturday, especially a draft of a future blog post that was particularly short and lacking photos, it was a symptom of the high learning curve of the new software. In other words, a mistake. For new blog subscribers, let me assure you that typically it’s one a week.

However, I’m now further breaking the one-post-per-week rule in order to let you know that after a struggle (where I often had to leave the room when my husband cursed yet again at the computer), the new website is up and running. It is friendly for your smart phones and tablets. It features instant downloads of patterns for sale. And it combines the blog into the website under one URL:

All past blog posts are included in the new website/blog. See the search field on the right hand side? If you’re looking for something on a particular topic, start there.

Don’t worry, all the old blog posts have been carried over. You’ll be able to find them using the search feature. And if you have bookmarks or just find the old site comforting, my original blog site,, will stay up in its current state for at least a year, though it will not be updated with new posts.

The new website will allow me to do interesting and helpful things that I couldn’t do before. One exciting new development will be the production of video tutorials to accompany your favorite technique-focused blogs: “Why Glue?” and “Why Color is Irrelevant” and “Making a Pattern for a Fabric Collage Quilt” will  eventually be updated with video that will demonstrate and expand upon the ideas and techniques presented in the blog posts.

The new quilt gallery allows visitors to group quilts according to subject matter, including a link to all the quilts in my “Specimens” exhibit.
The new teaching schedule can be used in lots of different ways. You can view it monthly, by a list of events. You can even see all events at a particular venue, such as my Harpswell, Maine retreats.

It’s time to finish packing for the International Quilt Festival in Houston to greet viewers of my “Specimens” exhibit. Hope to see you there. If I don’t, you will be able to follow the progress of the show through my Facebook page or in my usual Saturday morning post. Unless technology has something else to say about that.

By the way, I will be at Festival for the Wednesday evening opening festivities through Saturday. I will not be in attendance on Sunday due to teaching at Art Quilt Tahoe the next day.

P.S.—While we have made every effort to make the website perfect, we know it won’t be—at least not yet. So if you spot something wrong—a broken link, a feature that doesn’t work, or even just a typo—don’t hesitate to contact me using About>Contact menu.