Behind the Scenes: Shooting Video for Blog and Class

January 13, 2018

Background About year ago I started incorporating more video into this blog about fabric collage. Video is everywhere these days. It has become or is becoming the preferred media in many online sites. There’s YouTube of course, but also you may notice your Facebook feed is littered with video. And as you may know for many quilting and craft sites video has become … Read More

The Finish Line: Completed Student Work Volume 9

January 6, 2018

In the unscheduled blog post I sent out two days ago, I warned you that we were in the middle of a blizzard and could very possibly lose power—and our internet—delaying this Saturday post. I thank those who were concerned about our warmth and safety, but we have a generator for back-up power (many people in Maine … Read More

Susan Carlson Storm Warning: Just in Case…

January 4, 2018

Another big storm is bearing down on us. Some of you may remember the (rain and wind) storm we in Maine had at the end of October that knocked out power—and more importantly as far as the blog goes, our internet access— for over a week. Well, it’s now two days before posting of my … Read More

The Finish Line: Completed Student Work Volume 8

December 30, 2017

As promised last week, here’s a second installment of finished student quilts along with their in-progress photos (when available) from the classes they were begun in. In this batch, the originating classes range from April of 2009 to March of this year! What these finished quilts have in common (my organizational strategy) is that they … Read More

The Finish Line: Completed Student Work Volume 7

December 23, 2017

At almost every teaching stop of mine this year at least one or more past students came up to me to tell me about the quilt they started in a class and how now it’s finished. Some of those quilts got into juried shows, some will go on to win awards or other accolades, but always there’s that sense of … Read More

Quilt Stories: California Dreams, A Sepia-Toned Update

December 16, 2017

Every so often, in the two year course of this blog, I do an update of one post or another—usually months apart. Well, three weeks ago, I posted a Quilt Story about the portrait of my sister Heidi, “California Dreams.” In it I wrote: “I totally surprised myself when I found [some of] the original sketches … Read More