Free-Motion Quilting on Fabric Collage Quilts

August 12, 2017

It’s confession time again. My secret is that when it comes to quilting my fabric collage pieces, I keep it simple–really simple. My quilting (meaning the stitching that happens after the collage piecing is complete), like my art in general, has evolved over the years. I started out doing thread drawing and shadow quilting. Then when … Read More

To Tulle or Not to Tulle

August 5, 2017

Ahh, a sweet summer breeze lifting the sheer curtains (I can hear Seals and Crofts now)…. Wait! Could I use a bit of those curtains in my collage?! I have, and I will again. In my post Using Sheer, Netting, and other Semi-Transparent Fabrics, I showed how I use those sorts of translucent fabrics—including tulle—to create form and add detail in fabric … Read More

Quilt Stories: Thread Drawing

July 29, 2017

Thirty-two years ago this week, while visiting Maine (and still living in Maryland), I met and had my first date with my (future) husband, Tom. I met him at his family’s lobster wharf in Harpswell, Maine, pictured above. After a year of long-distance romance, I took a summer job in Harpswell and a small apartment in town to … Read More

Summer in Maine

July 22, 2017

Summer in Maine is brief. Despite what the calendar says, summer pretty much starts on July 4 and is over on Labor Day. Because of its brevity, I schedule my teaching so I can be home during this fleeting season. Last month’s visit to Kalispell, MT (here and here) wraps up my teaching until September when I travel to … Read More

On the Road: Kalispell, MT 2017 Part 2

July 15, 2017

Between my two weeks of teaching fabric collage classes at the Quilt Gallery in Kalispell, Montana, I had a two day “weekend” to catch up on a little sleep and do some sightseeing. I used the time to soak up MT sunshine and sniff the canola (also referred to as rapeseed), which had begun to … Read More

On the Road: Kalispell, MT 2017 Part 1

July 8, 2017

A trip to Kalispell, Montana has been an annual tradition for several years now. Joan Hodgeboom first invited me to teach at her shop, the Quilt Gallery, way back in—I believe—2013 (you’d think I’d have better records). I do know I was there that year since I came home with a very small, unanticipated, squirmy and adorable souvenir—our … Read More