Quilt Stories: “Dixie Dingo Dreaming” Updated with Video

June 17, 2017

“Dixie Dingo Dreaming,” the quilt of my dearly departed dog, Pippin, remains one of my favorites. Recently I have had a few students using Australian Aboriginal print fabrics like those in “Dixie Dingo Dreaming,” and lots of students doing portraits of their pets, both of which bring this quilt to mind. It occurs to me that … Read More

Copyright and Copywrong: A Follow Up

June 10, 2017

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called “Copyright and Copywrong: Finding an Image for Fabric Collage.” It was primarily about how we all need to be more careful about using images we find—so easily—on the internet. It received much more attention than I had expected or dared hope. I think it’s safe to say that … Read More

FYI: 2017 Retreat Openings, 2018 Retreat Dates, Online Course Update

June 3, 2017

There’s a lot of work to my business that goes on behind the scenes, so to speak. At least you don’t often hear about here in the blog. (An exception was when I asked for feedback about a possible online course—see below.) Yet, you may be aware of promises I have made and may be wondering whether I … Read More

It’s Coming!

June 3, 2017

For those of you who are expecting the Susan Carlson fabric collage blog to peruse with your coffee, rest assured the blog is on it’s way. There will be a slight delay, until 12:00 noon Eastern Time, 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time. I hope this doesn’t mess up your Saturday morning routine. Enjoy your coffee and maybe read … Read More

On the Road: Maine Quilt Retreat May 2017

May 27, 2017

The greater Portland area is not only the largest metropolis in Maine (Pop: 500,000), the city is also where I hold some of my Maine Quilt Retreats. As home to more than a third of Mainers, the area is its culinary, artistic, and cultural center, which makes it nice to visit even if you aren’t coming to one of … Read More

On the Road: Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, MI

May 20, 2017

This was my second trip to Mackinac Island, MI, to teach at the Grand Hotel’s Annual Needle Art Seminar, and I’m happy to report that this time the ferry didn’t have to dodge icebergs on the trip to the island. Three years ago there was still some ice on Lake Huron. This year the weather was cool … Read More